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Banjo, Inc announced today that the company's current CEO and founder, Damien Patton has resigned and that the company will be transitioning to a new, reconstituted leadership team effectively immediately. Banjo’s new CEO will be Justin R. Lindsey, the current CTO of the company.


“I’m deeply honored to have worked alongside the Banjo team and am proud of all we have accomplished thus far,” Patton said. “I am confident Banjo’s greatest days are still ahead, and will do everything in my power to ensure our mission succeeds. However, under the current circumstances, I believe Banjo’s best path forward is under different leadership.”


"Nine months ago I was inspired by Banjo's mission to join the company full time as the CTO," Lindsey said. "As CEO, I’m looking forward to continuing Banjo's dedication to technology solutions that protect privacy.”


Banjo is a technology company based in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. It has developed products that seek to reduce human suffering and save lives by getting first responders the information they need to deploy public safety resources as quickly as possible. Through its company policies and patents, Banjo does this while maintaining an unswerving commitment to the protection of personal privacy information and data.

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Following yesterday’s announcement by the Utah Attorney General’s Office, Banjo has decided to suspend all Utah contracts by not ingesting any government data or providing any services to government entities until an independent third party audit has been contracted and completed. Banjo believes that any company working with the government should be subject to audits and oversight.

The audit will have direct oversight by the state and will look to ensure there’s no bias in the technology, that Banjo is not a surveillance company and that all data for the state is being handled per the contract.

Banjo’s mission is to save lives and minimize human suffering to help first responders in emergency situations while not invading people’s civil liberties and rights. We are looking forward to the audit to show that we can build technology to help save lives and protect people’s rights.



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