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I founded Banjo in 2010 as a social media company, to connect users with their friends. A few years later, we pivoted to providing data services for the media industry, to help the public make more informed decisions faster. Today, we are neither—we are a company that is dedicated to strengthening public safety. 

Banjo provides a single service called Live Time, which delivers life-saving information to first responders in seconds through anonymized data streams. Live Time helps first responders and public agencies to better identify emergencies, reduce response times, and save lives. 

While we’ve evolved and grown through the years, we’ve always prioritized the privacy and safety of others. We’re proud to be a company that has never sold personal data. We have gone to great lengths to protect the public’s privacy and to ensure our technology is being used solely for the purpose of good. 

If you’d like to learn more about our journey and our commitment to privacy, you can read my post on medium here

Stay tuned as we post more here in the coming weeks with updates on Banjo. 

Damien Patton CEO and Founder of Banjo


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